About Us

Dolphin Point Villas is a getaway designed for those who prefer an authentic Florida Keys experience. One that’s grounded in natural beauty and free from crowds. One where family and close friends can connect with each other, while sharing the very best Key Largo has to offer. One that feels like home, because that’s exactly what it is – your home in the Florida Keys.

Our Team

Mike Borguss

Mike Borguss

There’s the place where we’re born and then there’s the place where we come to life. For Miami native Mike Borguss, life is about Key Largo.

Growing up he spent long weekends, idle summers, and take-your- child-to- work days relishing the natural beauty of a place that wasn’t too far from home, but was also worlds away. It seems destined then, that after years of living away, Mike has made Key Largo his permanent home. Now all who visit The Keys have the opportunity to share in his love for the people, weather and water.

As the Director of Operations for Dolphin Point Villas, Mike is in charge of bringing the property to life. It’s a life he shares with his fiancé and daughter, Mackenzie, and a home within a business within an island paradise to all who work for or visit DPV.

Rick Borguss

Rick Borguss

Rick Borguss is the quintessential citizen of the world and wouldn’t want it any other way. From Germany to South Africa, Paris to Switzerland, Rick has spent much of his life traveling and working. His life today is a testament to all he’s learned and loved along the way.

It was as an employee of a safari park in Germany that he was introduced to lions, bears, zebras, and dolphins. After many years of working among animals in South Africa and Switzerland, it was his desire to care for dolphins that prompted him to open a place of his own.

With his father’s help, he opened Dolphin Plus in 1980 in Key Largo. Why the Keys? Because its incredible natural environment is incomparable. Rick works along with his family at Dolphin Point Villas. He has passed along his love and appreciation for animals and people to his three children and grandchild. But, it is his wife Debbie whom he credits for all the family has built.

Where is Dolphin Point Villas located?

You’ll find us at MM (MM102 on the Bayside) in Key Largo, the northernmost key in the Florida Keys island chain.